Wednesday, 21 June 2017

of Ice and men


          Barathon 2017: Day 3- Of Ice and Men

Detective Karamchand hovers around with nonchalance .

The ceiling and the table fan are doing what they are supposed to do.

He peeps outside the window , the frame laced with nylon net. Legs ambled on the cobbled streets 

down wrapped in heavy shawls. The tea vendor did brisk business.

His microscopic eyes shift to the interiors of the one room tenement . the modest space is shorn of 

any piece of furniture . It is stark naked . He is awaiting for the autopsy report. 

There is no trace of a suicide note left behind. 

The coir rope had been untied and Raghu's mortal body brought down from the hook. Neighbours 

tried to crowd the over-flowing space with their noses held tight with a cloth or end of sari pallu. The 

ambulance had arrived with a screech .

Kitty dashes through the open door, panting , visibly excited at her findings.

" Aakash Cold Storage had delivered a huge block of ice at this address 36 hours ago".

Karamchand's dead pan eyes and inscrutable countenance altered showing some signs of 


But they were far from happy. 

"Sir Sir, how did you suspect the block of ice " , still trying to catch her breath.

"Kitty, look at the few drops of water under the hook. Even in this chilly weather the fans were 

deliberately rotating ", Karamchand gaped at Kitty  and continued," not to dry clothes".

"Gosh", exclaimed Kitty, "Now I get the connection".

"Kitty, send a telegram to Raghu's parents in Haridwar.

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