Friday 30 June 2017


“The blue represents the water bodies", replied Amrita 

with complete concentration on her school project.

"And the adjoining green body is land-mass."

" There aren't demarcated boundaries on this globe", I 

reminded my daughter in amusement.

"There shouldn't be any. A global village in the truest sense 

is what we need."

"The lines on the land fray people's emotions segregate into 

nations and separate humanity", she continued in even 


I inhaled deeply. The Amritsar air seemed less polluted.

I thought about my estranged cousin in Lahore. The lines of 

communication have to be kept open obliterating all 


written for  : Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction


History : India got its Independence from the colonial rule on 15th August ,1947. But was partitioned into two countries. Geographical lines were drawn on maps but these lines affected human emotions. what followed was massacre and bloodbath. Read more about Indian history HERE.

Amritsar : a city in India.
Lahore : a city in Pakistan.

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