Tuesday, 20 June 2017

the dark night

                               thank you Footy and Foodie for the picture prompt.

The electric cables  seemed to go on a flash strike  and the solar panels too refused to co-

operate. A blanket of darkness was wrapped around the city.

The colours were splashed hurriedly and aimlessly across the canvas of the vast sky. The 

firmament looked ugly and tense , a prognosis of death and destruction.

His ears picked up a sound but his heart refused to hear it. He peered his eyes in darkness. 

Her pupils , blazing, were staring back at him. His heartbeats reverberated his eardrums 

and he heard meow. Screams of panic refused to leave his dry throat. Taking cover 

behind the row of cars, he tried to move in silence. His grip clasped the bonnet for support 

and he realized his numbness. The air seemed to carry a strange odour.  He inhaled trying 

to recognize the familiar redolence . Her mesmerizing perfume and suddenly the  stench of 

blood assailed his nostrils. The weird combination made him choke and cough at the same 


Tearing out of the darkness, she leapt on him

Detective Karamchand looked away from the body. Rigor Mortis had set in. " Scratch 

marks all over his body and eyes gouged out", he concluded.

"Is there a possibility of him being mauled by an animal?", asked Kitty, his assistant, 

without even having a look at the dead.

" A wild animal in the urban jungle? not a chance". 

She turned around and lifted her blood-stained dewclaw and dug into the soft grass licking vendetta.  


Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting the Flash Fiction for Aspiring 

Writers challenge.

Read all the wonderful stories HERE.


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