Saturday, 8 July 2017

clouds and rains

Weekend Writing Prompt #10 – Mimic

Prose Challenge – Write a story in no more than 50 words inspired by clouds.  Bonus 
points for those who manage to get the word “mimic” in there too 🙂
Poetry Challenge – Write a five line poem where the first letter of each line spells out 
“mimic” when read from top to bottom.  The theme of the poem should somehow tie in to 
the definition of the word.
My take on the prompt :  I have combined the prose and poetry challenge condescending 

it to 50 words. 

My dance teacher always

Instructed the students to

Mimic the wooing peacocks

In the rains,

Consumed with raging passion.
                     Tansen‘s melodious strains  of Raag-Megh-Malhaar compelled the firmament                      
                     to loosen up. The black clouds were teased and tantalized to quench and                         
                     satiate the Earth’s needs.              
                     Natraja’s sonorous anklets strummed in ecstasy. 

                      Written for Sammi Cox's Weekend writing Prompt -10-Mimic

Note : Tansen was a composer, musician and a vocalist.

         Raag-Megh-Malhar is an Indian classical song.

         Natraja is the Hindu God of Dance.

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