Saturday, 15 July 2017

Thank you Hanuman-ji.

             Weekend Writing Prompt #11 – Guardian

Prose Challenge – Write a fairy tale in 150 words or less that has a guardian-type figure / creature in it.

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As she neared the pulpit with a strange concoction of hubris and innocence, the hall 

would witness some fireworks.

“The blessings from the clouds have turned our island city into a marooned Mumbai. 

Today being the elocution competition and the school-bus could have reached my street,

asked Papa if any of our neighbours had a boat so I could row and reach the school-


Mom asked me to pray to God. I closed my eyes and prayed to Hanuman-ji, my favourite 


 “I opened my eyes and Hanuman-ji was in front of me”. The hall heard collective sounds 

of surprise.

“I mounted on His back and we flew over the Mumbai waters. Hanuman-ji dropped me at 

the school-gate and waved good-bye”.

Kalpana got the first prize for her imagination.

Later she told me that since it is her story she could bring alive any character. I couldn’t 

be wrong.

     Written for  : Weekend Writing Prompt # 11-Guardian. Thank you Sammi Cox.

Notes : 

Read more about Hanuman-ji, the Indian God.

Kalpana : name of an Indian girl which means ideas.

It is rainy season in India and Mumbai is witnessing heavy downpour. Public transport is 

crawling and people are not reaching their destinations on time.

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