Thursday, 13 July 2017

The dare-devil


100 Word Wednesday: Week 27


Nicolas Picard

Vidya’s gaze involuntarily goes up at the figure swirling on the bike, doing double 

somersaults and breath-taking feats in air defying gravity.

The sound of applause breaks her reverie.

“It is past your bed-time, put off the television set”, raising her motherly voice above the 

decibel of roaring motor-bike to her twins.

The quiet night haunts her past.

She had followed in the footsteps of her academically oriented parents to wield the 


Anila defied the family tradition to take up martial arts and dare-devilry. She was a 

celebrated Stunt-woman in Bollywood.

Vidya saw her twin only on television screen.

                   written for : 100 Word Wednesday

Vidya - name of Indian girl which means knowledge.

Anila- name of Indian girl which means wind.

Bollywood - Motion Picture Industry of Mumbai, India.

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