Wednesday, 19 July 2017

the haughty Princess

100 Word Wednesday: Week 28


Image by Bikurgurl

Her dowry boasted of gold, diamonds and rare precious stones besides delicate blue-and-

white porcelain-ware which were family heirloom supposedly from the treasures of Ming 


She dusted her collection and displayed it to the royal visiting guests of the palace. The 

awe struck guests envied the pieces of priceless art but sniggered behind closed doors 

about the Princess’s fate.

She ruled her subjects with an iron hand.

Her husband, a nobleman, left her and her land never ever to return.

It was rumoured that the nobleman found her trousseau inadequate.

Love, compassion, respect were the virtues she was bereft of.

Written for : 100 Word Wednesday.Thank you Bikurgul.

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