Tuesday, 18 July 2017

the worn-out steps

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

FFfAW Challenge-Week of July 18, 2017


This week's photo prompt is provided by J.S. Brand. Thank you J.S. for our photo prompt!

100-175 words.

The stone steps, many of them worn out, beckoned to tread on them. A pair of sneakers, unsteady

and hesitating started the journey. His mind kept counting. Fifty to be precise and he woke up, with

beads of perspiration on his forehead. He reached a dead-end every New Moon night without fail.

Psychiatrists dismissed his nightmare when they could not decode it.

The school-picnic had been a distraction and a welcome change for Abraham.

Picnickers spread their sheet on the uneven lawns and finished off their packed goodies and 


Abraham turned and ran towards the hill. Overgrown weeds flanked the wrinkled steps.

Folklore said that the feet that climbed never came down.

The cries of his class-mates fell on his deaf ears, he kept advancing.

His mind had counted fifty.

The local-folks gave a warm welcome to Abraham.

He didn’t visit the psychiatrist the next new Moon.

       Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thank you, Priceless Joy.


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