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A game

Sunday Photo Fiction – August 6th 2017

12 J Hardy Carroll 06 August 2017

© J Hardy Carroll

200 words

A few cars were parked along the kerb. The brick red building with tiny outlets called 

windows stood silently, their inmates packed inside. The peaceful locality could be the 

target for communal conflagration and the Police were taking no chances. People were 

asked to confine themselves indoors.

Twenty-two pair of alert eyes scanned the entire place. 

The screeching siren could be heard from a distance. The feet scurried to take refuge in 

the ramshackle building nearby. As the siren noise ebbed they spilled on the road.

"Nikhil stand guard at the northern end", barked the captain lifting his visor in charge of 

the shebang.

“And you Vicky place yourself at the southern end". 

They divided themselves into two groups and took their places at strategic points and 

brought out their ammunition.

The white and orange sign board was dumped into the building as it posed to be an 


The powerful willow was unsheathed and the innocuous circular object was raring to go 

to knock off weak heads.

The boys wore their gloves and pads for extra safety. They could not take chances. The 

stakes were high.

"Hurray, let's begin our long and interesting game of cricket”, hollered the captains.

                                                 Written for  :  Sunday Photo Fiction


word count : 200

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