Friday, 4 August 2017


Thursday photo prompt – Watchers #writephoto

The howling winds screech dirges around the edifice of grey rocks. Rain lashes at the 

pallor with drops running down as fusillade of tears. All the vestiges of the the former 

days of glory are eroded and only the skeletal remains put up a show of weak decay. 

The destruction is almost complete but the rocks seem to echo a different tale. Are they 

holding fort  expecting a footfall or of a promise to be kept? Do the walls have a choice 

to stand erect or bury themselves in the wild growth? The questions are numerous and 

the answers are few nay none.

Some intrepid soles come searching for thrill or for a slice of bygone history. their eyes 

admire the behemoth structure and label them as strong garrison withstanding the 

vagaries of the weather and climate changes. Esoteric minds came hunting for a pie of 

regalia to return with no signs of it. Urban adventurers brave the hurdles to return with 

photographs of themselves smiling against the backdrop of ancient fort walls to adorn 

their Facebook profiles or bolster their Instagram followers. The unwanted visitors 

pierce the crumbling hearts of the ancient rocks. 

Whom do the weary rocks keep a vigil? Or are they watched by the time and Karma?

          written for : Thursday Photo Prompt. Thank you Sue Vincent.


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