Sunday, 20 August 2017

alien thoughts

          Sunday Photo Fiction – August 20th 2017


Looking hither and thither, she winced as the drab commentary takes center-stage on the 

sci-fi puppetry show. She wished she had been spared the ordeal of chaperoning her little 

sibling. The jejune show had a soporific effect on her.

Exiting out of the make-shift stage she tried to force her thoughts back to some 

semblance of order when she bumped into an ebullient creature. Handing over the fallen 

books, he notices the genre of the books.

“Psychology er Miss..?”

“Tanya”, she found herself introducing and a second later, indignation rising on her 


“Psychology and sci-fi do not mix”, he mocked.

“How will you interpret this?” pointing to the poster.

209 08 August 20th 2017

“The stray alien thoughts disguised as missiles try to enter into the orbit of sub-

consciousness of human mind. The heart is a magnet attracting both yin and yang”, Tanya 


“And what resides in the human mind?” he posed a query.

“Thoughts that the heart feeds stay in the mind. The mind is the powerhouse to decide 

what stays on lease rent and what remains permanently etched”, said she.

“Kick the boredom out of your system, pretty one”, and he sauntered away.

Ironing her creased face, she enters the stage with an open window of mind.

                                                  Written for  : Sunday Photo Fiction .


word count : 200

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