Monday, 21 August 2017

Border : hope and homecoming

          Six Sentence Stories

This week’s cue is BORDER.

Tending to the meticulous kitchen garden of potatoes, radish and fenugreek leaves , her forlorn eyes scan each bus for a hopeful footfall.

With a heavy heart and a tiny bud sprouting inside her womb she bade him good-bye in military fatigue as he boarded the swollen bus when the clarion call to join his duty at the border came, two summers ago.

The leaders of the two countries shook hands and released white doves but the pawns on the political chessboard were still fighting their internal battles.

Is he taken as a prisoner by the people on the other side of the border or is he six feet beneath  the earth at peace with no name inscribed on the tomb ? 

The questions continue to haunt her with no  echo of any answers and to each dawn she wakes up with a mission.

The reparation from the government has kept the wolf away from the door but her soul subsists on hope, expectation and a strong belief of his home coming.


                              Written for : Six Sentence Stories. Thank you Zoe.


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