Friday, 11 August 2017


Tale Weaver # 131 – 10th August 2017 – Birth


Ananya sat staring listlessly outside the open window. A monstrous mango tree stood 

guard, a mute testimony to the sufferings and joys of the inmates of this hospital 

room.The birds and their nests cooing and the butterflies flapping their diaphanous 

coloured wings did not stir an iota of interest in her tired body. Biology ,her favourite 

subject in school.

Her parents tried to comfort her fully knowing her state of mind. Who would comfort 


The nurse announced her entry into the hospital room with a bawling bundle wrapped up 

snugly in her arm.

She cast an uncomfortable look at Ananya and her gaze shifted to the two elders in the 


Mrs. And Mr. Dash looked at each other with an eerie silence. Finding the tension in the 

room too congested for the asthmatic father, he slipped out into the verandah.

“Take that child away from here”, were the sharp words that befell on Ananya’s ears.

Mrs. Dash‘s words had hardly left her lips when suppressed sobs from Ananya’s gullet 

pierced her heart.

The umbilical cord was severed but Ananya still hadn’t developed maternal instincts.

The birth of the child was the birth of her misery, dilemma, suffocation all rolled into 


Her change of clothes from school uniform to a maternity gown was not what she wished 


               written for : Tale Weaver # 131 -10th August 2017- birth.

Note :  A news in a leading newspaper :- A Mumbai girl is said to have gone into a shell after hearing the news of her pregnancy that entered the third trimester last week. She has clammed up and not told the Police anything about the likely sexual assault. She is 13 years old.
Rape, sexual assault on girls are on a rise.

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