Saturday, 19 August 2017

Holi : festival of colours.

               Weekend Writing Prompt #16 – Colours

Word Prompt : Colours
Photo Prompt

Prose Challenge – Pick a saying that has a colour in it (green as envy, seeing red, blue murder, not black and white, etc) and write a story about it, using no more than 100 words.
Poetry Challenge – Write a poem of any length that includes all the colours of the rainbow.

The larger than life portrait of multi-colour flowers loomed large over my boss’s round 


“Boss, wanna a holiday for Holi”, words barely escaped.


I found no answer.

“We lead such a colour-ful life. Our competitors want us in red, shareholders perpetually 

expect the company to be in black, green is the colour of our neighbours, personal 

taxation leaves us colourless, life’s vagaries beat us black and blue, wife’s perception is 

jaundiced, now many more colours do you want to add?” he panted.
I remove my rose-tinted glasses, pinch myself when I see a rainbow ahead. Aha a mirage.

       Written for : Weekend Writing Prompt.# 16 - Colours. Thank you Sammi Cox.
Read my poetry :
Note: - Holi, a traditional Hindu festival, celebrates the beginning of spring as well as the 
triumph of good over evil. It is best known around the world for the colourful powder 
(called gulal in local language) that revellers throw on each other, leaving festival goers 
coated in colour by the end of the day. it is a day of fun and rejoicing and partaking of 
sweets with family.

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