Friday, 25 August 2017

re'cycle'd memories

WEEK #33


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She nodded and flashed her infectious smile to acquaintances and strangers alike to 

needle the thread of conviviality as she walked through the market.

Her eyes sparkled as a green bicycle leaned on the brick wall of pizza outlet.

Her caprice lead her to grab the metallic body and clambering on the vehicle, her legs 

moved as the twin wheels obeyed her. Her thoughts raced faster than her.

A voice chasing her momentum gathered speed. Her straw hat turned behind to locate 

the screaming owner of the bicycle whose fingers held a half-eaten pizza piece.

The pedals accelerated to yawn the gap between herself and the pursuer.  She winked 

and smiled mischievously at the stripling, teasing him to run faster.

His heart-beats increased rapidly with his panting strides.

She zig-zagged her speed as he tried to grab her blouse.

Her laughter became gleeful as his legs ran swiftly.

The pathway changed its countenance.

Jennifer’s body tilted as the metallic body lost balance.

“This is how I met Frederick five decades ago”, blurted the septuagenarian as she landed 

in the youthful arms of her ‘follower’. Frederick chuckled from the clouds.

A big pebble brought the chase to a standstill lay unaware.

                 Written for : Flash Fiction for the practical practitioner week # 33

Word count : 200

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