Wednesday, 9 August 2017




The cue this week is : SCRATCH
Her legs  encircled in a tight embrace, the salty deposits 'sat' on her knees wetting the 

layer of coagulated blood.

Gently she 'uprooted' the wound , the protective layer peeled off in one piece exposing 

her still raw deep lesion.

Her General Physician had asked her not scratch it to expedite the healing process.

The scar was a grim embellishment of her relationship albeit a broken one.

The bodily stain would heal but the hurt , injury , blotch resided deep in the crevice 

of her mind was sequestered from the worldly humans.

Has the 'patron' of her scar ever felt her trauma  or is an unblemished creature? 

                                      Image result for a girl sitting huddled and crying

(google pic)

                           Written for Six Sentence Stories. Thank you Zoe.

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