Thursday, 7 September 2017

constant change

          Thursday photo prompt – Fading #writephoto


Calm waters of azure ocean
tsunami with violent emotion.

every lash of the salty water
hard rocks erode with lather.

Dawn slowly embraces the gloaming
migrant wings return to nest, roaming.

branches shed green coat, hook
to don a bare naked look.

fluffy clouds change shape
from lion to ape , just gape.

your tenderness fills my heart
aches for the time apart.

fleeting glance of your sunshine
disappear, bleak days mine.

there is change of seasons
for whatever reasons.

ebb the tide of longing
expose the gap yawning.

'eternal' loves fades
to stain the weakest shades.

thawing of passion 
intimacy goes into hibernation.

Change is constant
at pace slow,never instant.

           Written for : Thursday Photo Prompt-Fading. Thanks Sue Vincent


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