Friday, 16 February 2018

The homecoming


FFfAW Challenge-February 13, 2018



                                                   Thanks Lavanya for the wonderful photo prompt .

Eager feet moved with religious devotion and their eyes were filled with faith.

Only my soles weighed down with boulders of anxiety. My vision was filled 

with oceans of doubt.

The cymbals filled the air and devotees danced to the tunes.

Every muscle in my body was taut with tension.

The Universe seemed to be euphoric while I was impecunious.

Nudging through the crowd, I stood close to the idol with my palms spread.

A golden marigold reposed in my palm soothing my troubled mind. I

suddenly felt affluent with His blessings. 

My feet felt light as I bid adieu to Bappa.

It was my homecoming and Bappa‘s immersion.


                              Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.Thank you Priceless Joy.

word count : 109

Note : Bappa means Indian  Elephant God of Intelligence. He is also know as Vignaharta means the remover of all obstacles.

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