Wednesday, 12 December 2018

morning reflections

" You look so beautiful", said the painter, " wish I could hold a giant mirror to showcase your grandeur"

"The branches swayed lightly, acknowledging the words.

HE was witnessing the scene from the clouds.

HE murmured as the breeze carried the message, " look at the reflections in the placid waters".

                                             O Man!!!

                                             thou admire the reflections

                                             and pen verses,

                                             thy brush paint a thousand pictures.

                                             Do you see thy reflections

                                             in the waters of your conscience?

shuuush , 
the breeze whispered
to tiptoe by,
without stirring
the meditating trees.

I obeyed,
stood quietly,
listened to the quietness
inhaled the calmness.
Peace radiating into each pore.


                                 Linking to Wordless Wednesday. Thanks Esha and Natasha.

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