Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Peas in a pod

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The tea was scalding hot. And so was the blood in their veins. The tea was laced with 

ginger and burnt their tongue.

The mean machines rested under the trees after refueling their tanks. Their tyres were 

tired. The road was less taken and serpentine. This was intentional to avoid being 


They had donned black, the colour of their vehicles. Only one wore white.

"How is the josh, buddy X?"

The words penetrated his eardrums but he close to remain mum. His mind seemed to be 

occupied with something else other than their target. The members exchanged 

questioning glances.

"Are your feet unsteady or your mind wavering?" , mocks Panther A.

"Remember, you are compensated handsomely.", taunts a bearded panther.

Panther X turns away his face in disgust and moves away from the group.

Panther A raises his index finger above his shoulders indicating the group members to 

stay behind while he follows X at a safe distance.. They both settle down under the 

shade of the Chinar trees.

"Panther X..."

"Don't address me with this code-word", the words escaping his throat at a frenzied pace.

"Panther X", raising his voice. "Have your forgotten our vows?".

"I have a name and an identity", tears running down X's bony cheeks.

Panther A, the assumed leader concludes Panther X's behavior to be jejune. 

" We have dedicated our lives to a higher cause", admonishes X.

"There is no noble cause. You are all brain-washed".

"Your words reek of a rebellion", anger spewing from Panther A's gullet.

Sensing the heat and their unfriendly demeanor, the group members start to inch closer 

to the warring duo.

Panther X could not believe that he has inhaled the same air of their serene village as his 

friends who are now reduced to mere code-words. The Sun that shone upon them, 

strengthening their bones, the river that they all frolicked together, celebrated festivals 

and grieved in funerals, could have such bipolar ideas and ideologues. 

"Our journey is ahead. There is no looking behind", Panther B wiping the tea stains off his 


"This is a dangerous journey and there is no destination", reasons Panther X.

"This is a religious war and it is our solemn duty to free our brothers and sisters", 

thunders Panther C.

           The function of freedom is to free someone else – Toni Morrison

"No religion preaches violence and hatred. Emancipate yourself first from wrong notions ",

Panther X sermons.

The muddy unkempt road undulates and disappears. No one knows where it leads. Is

there a return or a one-way ticket? The questions are many and there are no answers in 


The road behind is a bit familiar and treaded. It leads them to their village. Can they 

reverse their gear and head towards Paradise? Would the evil perpetrators spare them? 

There is uncertainty at both ends.

When peeled, they were all similar peas in one pod. Only one pea turned out to be 

on the other side.

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I have combined the word prompt is  'Serenity' , the picture prompt is via Pexel and the 

quote prompt ," The function of freedom is to free someone else" – Toni Morrison 



                   I'm Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words -March 2019


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  2. Aah! A nicely woven story which is so relevant and realistic in the times we live. We need more peas to be on the other side!

    1. The peas of the pods on the other side will make a difference though few in number.Thanks Shilpa for reading and commenting.

  3. And the peas on the other side have the ability to lead and to nurture fresh ideas
    Nice post

    1. The single pea on the other side has to change the mindset of the herd. Thanks Bhagyashree.

  4. You have done a nice justice to all the three prompts and the way they have interwoven with the story line which is also very realistic and close to the today's world is really beautiful

    1. The current news always affects us readers. Thanks Suha V.

  5. Such a relevant topic this is. May more peas make the right decisions.

    1. The right pea should change the world. Thanks Jyothi.

  6. Nice take on all the prompts. Lovely post.

  7. Clever use of all three prompts, Kalpana, and you have woven such a beautiful story too. Liked it.

    1. Thanks you so much Anshu B. for reading and commenting

  8. A story speaks not just about its author's creativity but his/her outlook and thoughtfulness. Kalpana, your story reflects your concern for the distorted idea of freedom and more importantly the misled people. I just loved it!

  9. Thanks Madhavi . You made my day brighter.

  10. That was a beautiful story...enjoyed reading it very much!

  11. A topical story that is currently bleeding India. Kudos to you Kalpana for weaving all the three prompts effortlessly to dole out a contemporary story so close to our hearts.

    1. The happenings around us disturb and affect us. We cannot remain as mute spectators.Thanks Aanagha Y. for an encouraging comment.


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