Wednesday, 22 May 2013



My limbs and roots are stunted. The world views me as a miniature, a wonder, a piece of stunted architecture of human creation. A corner piece of adoration in people’s homes and workplace, I am away from my natural habitat. My siblings are out, picnicking in the warmth of the golden rays, dancing with the breeze and getting drenched in the shower of the clouds. My heart cries out when I am trimmed.  My soul is hurt when human beings imprison me indoors for their recreation.

Small I am, but my feelings are not truncated. My heart cries out when I am trimmed.  I prefer to lead a normal childhood and grow up to be a huge adult tree.

 Nations fought for generations against slavery and foreign invasions only to curtail the freedom of another species. Isn't this injustice? Has God bestowed cerebral superiority on human race to dominate on mute beings?

 Free me from my trimmed existence. I want to live.

Hey Man, live and let live.