Friday, 21 June 2013




He opened his eyes and glanced at the clock. It was 6.30 am. The sun rays were peeping from the side of the thick curtain heralding the onset of a lovely day. He got up and pushed the curtain aside to get a full view of the thick green blanket that Nature had spread out.The chirping of the birds was music to his ears. He took a deep breath of pure fresh air and filled his lungs. These were the precious amenities that the country side could offer. Both of them had left behind  promising job offers in the city.

He turned around . She was still curled up in the bed.He looked at her lovingly. Her thick black hair was generously spread across the pillow and a smile seem to rest on her soft face. The door bell rang.He hurriedly quickened the length of his footsteps lest the further ringing of the bell would wake up Ananya.

At ten minutes past seven Ananya woke up to a room filled with lovely pink roses. A box of chocolates rested by the side of roses. Ananya had a weakness for roses and chocolates.Both of them were competing for her attention for she could not decide which of the two was her favourite.

She bathed and  came to the kitchen where Rahul had laid the table for her.

He took her in his arms and kissed her, curling the wet strands that fell on her face . He fished out a small red velvet box and gingerly pushed a diamond ring on her ring finger. "Happy wedding anniversary" , he wished her.She too wished him and kissed him.

A year ago they were united in holy matrimony and both of them decided to shift to the country side to serve the rural community, against the wishes of their parents.

Today they had decided to spend time with each other . Ananya and Rahul were having their sumptuous breakfast when the phone rang. Rahul picked up the receiver . A voice on the other end of the line was to be heard, "Dr. Rahul...........................

Rahul touched his forehead in anguish and said a silent prayer. Placing the receiver back on the hook , he turned around. Ananya was ready with two stethoscopes and a box. They had to hurry to the Primary Health Center for an emergency call . The celebrations could wait but not the precious life of the newborn baby girl child. They had to save her.

In India, many people die each year for lack of medical facilities and paucity of doctors who hesitate to go for rural postings . Rahul and Ananya had decided to dedicate their lives for the welfare of the weaker  section of the society.

P.S :-  This post is not intended to criticize/blame the medical fraternity nor glorify anyone.