Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Today is the last day of UBC , but I feel this is just the beginning of many more bigger things to come. In this month I have learnt many new things, read many good works and have known some people. A big thanks to UBC, WT,Corinne and all my co-bloggers.



The glittering solitaires
strewn across the dark blanket.
A poet's longing and desires
to pluck, lay into the straw basket.

A bride in finery
adornments in all silvery
Thou deck up at night.
all day hide in veil,nowhere in sight.

Sitting on the window-sill, I looked up from my note-pad.

Writing this celestial poem, I dialled his number and told about my well-laid out plan. A true romantic by heart, my fiance agreed without a second thought.

The open sky and the diaphanous tent were the right ingredients for an outing and the thrill of experiencing the poetic journey.Do all poets really try out this?

The night was on its way on a youthful journey, the clear calm clouds,the moon in its waning crescent shape,the shy stars, peeping out of their veil, looked down literally , on our nocturnal rendezvous and we looked up, to them, as young lovers, arms wrapped around each other with starry dreams in our eyes.The cool breeze caressing our exposed bodies sent us closer to each other. The scent of the wild flowers wafted with the breeze as an accompaniment, to fill our nostrils. The palm trees rubbing each other as newly weds romping together on the beach of Goa.

I patted my back on my impulsive decision to spend the night in the open, rather than in the air-conditioned cottage of the 'Sea-Shells Resort'. This was a different experience for a practical person like me. Perhaps the potion of love and the solitaires in the sky had its effect on me and I was beginning to feel its after-math,albeit, a lovely one.

I was still basking and glowing in my new-found experience when I felt a stinging stab of pain on my right cheek. Had he suddenly sprouted needle like fangs? Or was he a Dracula in guise of my beloved? I lightly slapped my cheek and in the glow of my cell-phone examined my palm.I froze.Words barely escaped out of my throat. And he asked if everything is all-right. Nothing is right, thought I.The darkness and the lack of any signs of civilisation made me feel like a scene in a horror movie but for a few minutes ago, was all bliss. Blood! I cried. He flashed his cell phone on my face and burst out laughing. Aghast, I asked the reason. He said that I had just killed a mosquito. MOSQUITO! Why didn't I carry an insect spray repellent?. Or at least a cream?. Was my victim an anopheles ? I would be down with malaria. Just then a buzzing sound near my ears magnified.

The whole insect species that I had studied in Biology in school,had descended down on us sending my whole body on an itching spree. An owl hooted in the distant trees, adding to the eerie. Some ants were already sprinting on me, like umpteen Milka Singhs. The night devoid of light added to my confusion  and subsequent irritability.He flashed a pocket torch. The beam of light brought hopes in the ghostly atmosphere. I scurried into the safety of the tent and zipped it tight. It was a relief to be away from the crawlies and the buzzers.But my relief was short-lived. 

After a few minutes the claustrophobic tent sent my palpitations racing. Beads of perspiration sprang on my forehead  and breathing became heavier. I thought I would suffer from a stroke.The sound of ambulance ringing could be faintly heard and I lost

I opened my eyes and could see four heads peering down on me. 

The duo smiled and  assured me that I was fine.

My fiance opened the window and the light rays of the sun filtered into the room. I had spent the whole night in the hospital.Thank God it was day-time.

I decided henceforth, I would confine myself to writing about Nature and its breath-taking beauty in the safe realms of my my air-conditioned studio apartment. The night would be beautiful and serene when viewed from familiar surroundings, without the company of ants and insects.

My mind would do the traversing into unknown and uncharted  territories and my physical being safe into the brick and mortar haven.

All images  are Goggle Images.
This is a work of fiction.