Sunday, 7 July 2013


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When I am alone
in  my own company.
we converse with each other.

We converse with each other,
of conflicts , raging in the battlefield of mind.
of turmoils and anguish , away from prying world.

We debate with each other,
in the courtyard of  our maternal home
of the rights and wrongs of the bygone past.

We fight with each other.
the sibling's trivial trifles.
Only to patch up the chasm.

We cry on each other's shoulders,
sharing the sunshine and cloudy days
and wipe each other's dew drops.

We laugh together
and the sound echoes manifold
to reverberate in the alleys of the heart.

I love my own company.
When I am all alone,
I talk to myself.

When  I talk to me
I can be me, sans mask
of fake emotions.

I talk to myself
in unspoken words
as none understand me,
better than myself.
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P.S. :- As socialogists say that man is a social animal and it is necessary for him to get along with other people for his  mental well-being.In this fast paced life, it is necessary to be alone to introspect and have some me-time.                                    

                                                     FOR : ULTIMATE BLOGGING CHALLENGE - DAY 8