Saturday, 20 July 2013


This was my fourth entry for WOW. My  previous three entries were allowed to flaunt the WOW badge and I expected a fourth one too. This experience taught me not to expect more and be happy for the earlier three entries but strive to write my best. Read on ...................................



Aruna teacher asked me to paint a picture on the thick white paper. She gave me colours, papers and white colour mugs. I dipped my fingers in the colours and pressed it on the white paper.
I made three cards. Then I  made flowers on the white mugs. Aruna teacher told me that they looked beautiful. She told me to keep it on the table to dry. How happy I was.

The next day, these cards were to be sold on my school ground. Rima, Sunil , Sonal, Akash and Neel had also made cards.

Many people had come to see our cards and mugs and vases. One aunty in red saree came and saw the cards. She picked two cards and one mug and asked who had made these lovely ones. Aruna teacher asked me to raise my hand.I was feeling shy. The aunty in red saree came and kissed me and said ," very good , Neha".
And I blushed.
I looked at mummy. She was smiling.
Thank you God for making me a 'special child'.


There is a school called 'Sausheelaya'
near my house which caters to 'special children'. Everday at 5 o'clock their parents pick them up from school and as they pass by, I see them smiling and talking to their parents in the best possible way , maybe , narrating the time spent at school. Their laughter and innocent smiles melt my heart. These little buds live in their own world , separated by ,what we call as 'normal' children. Their actions may be different, speech unclear but their smiles are genuine and from the heart. They do not need sympathy or segregation from the society but our appreciation and integration into the mainstream of the society.That's why they are called 'special children'.

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