Monday, 15 July 2013


My son was only four months, when I along with my mom and brother were returning by Hussain Sagar train. My son had a slight breathing problem but the doctor had assured that there was nothing to worry about and that he would be fine soon. But the mother in me was not satisfied and would unnecessarily worry a lot.I used to be very tensed. My mom had asked me to take it easy but I never heeded to her advice. We had our dinner in the train and I had breastfed my baby, when a lady came and asked us to allow her and her son to sleep in the passage(aisle) as they did not have a confirmed ticket. We agreed. She got her son from another berth and spread the bedding and made him sit down. I noticed that her son , I guessed him to be around 12 years of age, was a 'special' child. She fed him rice and sambhar and made him drink water, all the while talking sweetly and patiently. She patted her son's back ,appreciating him for partaking  his dinner without fuss.She did not have an iota of worry , regret or irritation in her demeanor . Her calm attitude gave me courage. My mom looked at me and I read what she wanted to drive home the point.My son had a minor health issue and I had worry lines all writ over my face.As a result of my anxiety , I passed on the negative emotion to my baby .But this lady was a picture of calm posture and her positive behaviour must have rubbed on her child. I saw and I learnt that the emotions housed in oneself is passed on the off-spring,whether good or bad. I realised the truth in my doctor's advise. I try my level best to implement the said advise and I remember the lady with a 'special' child whenever I am having a difficult time.And most of my problems seem small.

Now my son has just entered his teens. Everyday we hear pedophile,kidnapping , ragging and teen suicide cases in the print and visual media. The parents of my son's classmates regularly discussed about these sensitive issues and we decided to educate our children subtly on these topics. Anybody touching the body parts indecently or an unknown person offering them sweets are  not to be ignored but reported to the parents without delay. If the kids fared a bit poorly in academics, they should be lovingly encouraged to do better the next time. The parents in turn should enforce confidence and faith in their own children  and that the children should not be afraid or hesitate to confide sensitive and delicate problems with their parents. Many untoward incidents can be averted by properly educating not only the children but the parents too. By open discussion with other parents , a broad spectrum of problems as well as its solution can be found out. I can say many cooks do not spoil the broth but enhance the flavour.

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