Friday, 5 July 2013


The fragrance of the pink roses wafted in the air , the melody playing on the live orchestra added to the mood of the ambiance and the clinking of the wine glasses suggested that the celebration was in full swing.

It was exactly a year ago that they met each other and Cupid struck his arrow adorned with flowers . The strangers in no time became a couple and were soon inseparable.

The stars now seemed brighter , the crescent moon too appeared in full bloom but the nights stretched longer to keep the two hearts away.




Their morning did not commence either with the rising sun or with a cup of hot tea.She was the sunshine of his life and he was her adrenaline setting her heart to beat faster. Their romance was on cloud nine and their respective colleagues did help  them to further bolster their burning flame by teasing and tantalizing them. 

Soon they had to take their relationship to the next higher level. He spoke to his parents but they were unsure and doubted if she could shoulder the responsibility of marriage. A  coin  has two sides . He was from a well-to-do family while she grew up in an orphanage.He implored his parents to abandon the  wild  ideas that they had, unjustly, formed about her.

The most important day in the  calender  dawned.

They were pronounced as man and wife.Domestic bliss soon followed. Her loving and caring nature, simplicity and neat and  tidy  ways of managing household chores won their hearts.

The stream of happiness seemed to flow gently when an unknown obstacle seem to reverse their tidings.

She was diagnosed with an incurable  heart ailment. Her terminal illness made him desperate to revive her failing health but she knew she would be going away. When all modes of treatment were tried and exhausted, the doctors threw their hands up. He was shattered as he could not imagine a moment without her and she read his thoughts.

Death had spread its arms and was slowly closing in around her in an embrace. She was feeling suffocated and frightened as the footsteps sounded nearer and nearer. She had to act fast.

She called him to her bedside and handed him a small pouch and an envelope. The envelope contained a faded   postcard   with a small photograph of hers , as an infant , stuck on it and the words written beneath the photo ,"Sorry baby" . It was the sole possession that she had of her childhood.

The pouch contained a small bottle of her favorite perfume. She asked him to have a whiff of the fragrance as a remembrance of her ,after she  left for heavenly abode. She believed  in life after death and she would come back to him in some form or the other.

The cruel hands of death snatched her.


Every morning , before leaving for his workplace he had a whiff of her favorite fragrance. The contents of the bottle was fast depleting.

Next morning , as he opened to have a whiff of the bottle , he noticed that the bottle of the perfume was full . He could not believe his eyes. She had told him that she believed in life after death and that she would come back to him in any form. Indeed she had come back to fill the fragrance in the bottle of his life. This was her way of telling him to move on in life but at the same time keep the fragrance of her memories alive.He felt that she had never gone away from him but continued to linger on , in spirit. This is true love he concluded. 


His mother had removed the empty bottle of the perfume from the pouch , just in time and replaced it with a filled bottle, as her daughter-in-law had advised before her death. The pact between them would always remain a secret.

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