Wednesday, 14 August 2013

freedom of expression.

What does freedom of expression mean to me as a blogger/ writer?

A blogger/writer , first and foremost  is a human being and other compartmentalizations like gender, religion etc follow later. 

Excellence breeds in freedom and  suffocates in fetters.  

As a writer I can thrive and flourish when the ink from my pen flows freely from my thoughts , my mind without anybody holding me to ransom. 

My opinions expressed freely should not be crushed , sabotaged  but the differences if any should be discussed and debated. 


My views expressed should not be mocked, curfewed or curtailed but should be given a chance to be understood. A bird in a silver cage does not sing melodiously.  

The writer in me should not live in the shadow of fear nor should favour be allowed to dangle like carrots to lure me. 

Tolerance should be a two way free-lane and the speed-breakers should not obstruct the flow of ideas.

Therefore it is apt to conclude that the freedom of expression should be free from regulations and binding.

But along with rights , duties and responsibilities go hand-in-hand. Freedom of expression is not a right to hurt demean or cower down others feelings , feelings of individuals , groups or race but to co-exist peacefully giving space to one and all.


But all this seems to exist in the Utopian land. Does it exist in reality?