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Waist : Parts of the body

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The waist is the part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips. On people with slim 

bodies, the waist is the narrowest part of the torso.

The waistline refers to the horizontal line where the waist is narrowest.

Waistline differs from person to person. To locate the natural waistline, one need simply 

stand upright and then tilt over to the side keeping the legs and hips straight. Where the 

torso creases , that is the natural waistline. The waist is usually measured just above the 

belly button. In case the waist is convex rather than concave, such as in the case of 

pregnancy and obesity. the waist may be measured at a vertical level 1 inch above the 


The size of a person's waist or waist circumference, indicates abdominal activity. Excess 

abdominal fat is a risk factor for developing heart disease and other obesity related 


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Practice these yoga poses under proper guidance or consult your doctor.
                                What causes waist pain in females?

The most common sources of pain in the lower back are overuse injuries to body muscles, 

ligaments and/or joints, injuries like muscle sprains and strains commonly occur due to 

sudden movement or improper lifting techniques.

                                               Waist reduction

Waist reduction refers to the act of wearing a corset or other constricting garment to 

reduce or alter the waistline.

The four floating ribs may be permanently compressed or moved by such garments. A 

girdle may also be used to alter the appearance of the waist.

Waist reduction may be used simply to reduce the width of the waist. This change can be 

permanent or temporary.

A corset is a garment worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape, traditionally 

smaller waist or large bottom. 

The word corset is derived from the Old French word corps.

Waist and Waste are homophones. They sound the same but they have different meanings 

and spellings.               

                  Readers , do you do yogasanas for reducing abdominal fat?

                              I am participating in the A to Z Challenge. 

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  2. Replies
    1. I have to say, I wish my waist would waste away!

    2. Gail M B, I wish my waist reduces by one inch. :)

  3. Wow, these days you are giving us tips on so many yoga asanas too. Thanks for these simple asana's.

    1. I practice Yoga,Suhavijay, and know about its benefits. I feel everyone should know about our ancient legacy.

  4. This post gives good information on waist. Often we relate waist with just losing weight. But there is more to it.

    1. There is more to waist than just losing weight. But excess fat on the waist is not good for the heart.

    2. That part of the body for which my only reaction is that of exasperation. How I wish the inches here reduced over time. Instead it seems to be on an ever increasing scale.

  5. My waist is doing a disappearing act recently... Hmm, maybe I should get a corset. :D

    The Multicolored Diary

  6. Hi from the blog that has Waste on its site today - haha. How do you whittle your waist? Yoga and walking.

    1. Yoga, walking , climbing steps , cutting down of sugar ( fruits , dates and dryfruit in moderation) are some of the tips to reduce. Thanks Kalpanaa.

  7. Aah! The abdominal fat is the bane of life. It is stuck like a glue. SIGH
    Yoga is best for reducing the waistline, thanks for the nudge, will work on it!!

  8. Good yoga tips there, Kalpana. I usually do crunches and raised-leg rotations in different ways.
    Find my W post @ 14 Water-Rich Vegetables That Help You Stay Hydrated in Summers

    1. Crunches are very beneficial. I too do raised leg rotations.

      Thank Chicky K.

  9. such an important area to work at - I practice a few of the asana's which you have shown in the video... still long way to go.. hopefully some day my waist will reduce:) thanks for sharing.

    1. Waist reduction will take time but it will show improvement. Thanks Genevive A. You havent posted a link to your blog.

  10. You have explained the yoga pose and exercise to reduce waist so well. I practice yoga and such exercises are helpful to cut slack. This post deserves to be featured.

    1. Thanks Vishal B for your appreciation. Yoga poses do help the entire body.


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