Friday, 23 August 2013

life is an oyster.

"Can I have some tttea-powder?" I asked nervously not sure whether I was doing the right thing. I had just returned from my tour early in the morning at 7'o clock. I need my morning fix to charge me up and to shake off the soreness of travelling.

"Yes", she said and disappeared into the kitchen.

 I looked around the house. It was neat and clean. The bright curtain were drawn aside to make the room look bright. A huge sofa with printed upholstery was screaming for attention. A brightly metalled vase held some gaudy artificial flowers rested on the corner-piece next to the sofa. A traditional brass lamp with carved figurines holding small lamps was next to the window. This decor was not in accordance to my taste , I concluded.

I had rented the apartment in this building  6 months ago but in this half year I had not acquainted myself with any living soul and friendship was out of question.

My frequent travels out of the city and working late nights found very little time to socialise or even interact with the residents.Most of the females , I supposed , were housewives and the thought of a single working lady late-hours or travelling did not go well with them. I could feel the the distance in the uncomfortable cold stares at me. In Mumbai , the apartments are so irritatingly close to each other that the next door's family's woes can be heard without straining your ears. Yet neighbours are like aliens from outer space.

Why was she taking so much time to lend me two tablespoons of tea-powder?  I was getting a bit irritated. She entered the living room from the passage leading to the kitchen with a small tray in her hand.

"Drink this. You must be tired", handing me a mug of  hot tea. I took the first sip, cupping the mug with my palms encircled around it to feel the warmth as the hot liquid went down, warming up my gullet. I was basking in her warmth as I look up shyly from the mug . I could see her smiling, a mark of satisfaction of feeding a tired soul. "Thanks " I said as I kept the mug on the side table and awkwardly rose to take leave of her hospitality that I had intruded upon. She handed me the small cup with tea-powder, and said "Come whenever you feel like having tea and little hot gossip".And we both laughed in chorus. The ice was broken and a bond was established over hot tea. Now I can proudly say that I am no longer a stranger in my new building.