Friday, 23 August 2013

unsent letter


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This is an unsent joint letter addressed to some strangers or rather a bunch of strangers who have left an indelible mark on me. I call them 'strangers' as  I try to strike a familiar chord with the tribe but am caught on the wrong foot. They manage to surprise , outwit and instill an awe in me.
Here are some of the choicest of them : 

To ,
Dear strangers.

              The auto/rikshaw drivers of Mumbai

The less said the better about them. The moment I see an empty three-wheeler, my heart misses a beat as any hunter armed with a gun/rifle would spot a prey in the jungle. With the wave of my hand, the mean machine comes to a screeching halt and upon being told of my destination , the driver turns his head in another direction and speeds off. Or the driver would prefer going in the opposite direction of my destination. And I will be left marooned and left with no other option , but to scout for its other brethren or use the services of public transport. Now my friends will know the reason of my being a Late-Latif.

                  The cashier of the grocery store :

All the cashiers behind the machine at the stores seem to have an intangible bond of enmity with me. When its my turn at the cash counter , I dump my heavy basket full of groceries on the table than the machine develops a technical snag or the paper roll plays a wicked prank and gets exhausted and I am made to wait for extra minutes stretching into eternity , while the other adjoining queues move with a hitch. Why me??? And I am left tearing my hair with desperation.

       The waiters at the restaurants and Udipi hotels. 

This breed refuses to take notice me as if I am an invisible person of H.G.Wells book. Or I do I have to swathe myself in bandages to be seen or heard for attention? The patrons on the neighbouring tables, who have arrived after me are well attended by smiling waiters while I am sipping water with hunger pangs threatening to be heard. I start coughing incessantly to vie for attention of the waiters but they are deaf to my outbursts while the neighbouring table patron stared wildly at me as if asking me to gulp down cough-syrup instead of Adam's ale.

                      The telephone network.

I curse my luck when I see people happily talking away on their hands-free ear-phones while my network refuses to connect . I will sue the  mobile Company whose tag-line screams "Wherever you go, our network follows'.

                        The internet service provider.

My service provider is very prompt when it comes to bill collection date on the 10th of every month whether the service is provided or not.

I ardently wish that these strangers get a bitter dose of their own medicine. 

Yours (ughh)faithfully
A harassed customer.

P.S. :This is a work of fiction and does not intend to hurt anybody's feelings.

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