Thursday, 29 August 2013

Oh Krishna ! come to my land.

Come to my land oh Pitamber!
adorned with peacock feather
bright clothes and stones amber.
with a tune on your lips for  all weather.

Come and see for yourself O Keshava
the black clouds threaten to drown
honour of  gopikaas ,  scared as fawn.
Come to rescue , O Madhava.

The law of the land is blind
path to the chakravuyh you find.
Your sudarshan-chakra is the need
of the hour, destroy the evil from its seed.

O Parthasarthi, you led the way
to establish a righteous sway
You are  saviour, the only one
against 100 evils ,  spare none.

Come back in any form
and save from all harm.
O Govinda O Gopala
Krishna, nee begane baro.
(In Kannada it is O Krishna, you come fast)