Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Holding the side-bar ,as I stood still
thought of a the long drill

It is so tedious
to take the steps arduous

I began to count
till I lost track of the mount

going up the elevator is easier
but the flight up is busier

As I turned around
A grandma I found.

with eight decades and a  broad smile
she had the energy to walk a mile

In her wrinkled  finger
I found a clinger

"Come, its good for the heart"
winked she , step by step, a start.

Her laughter echoed
my doubts mellowed.

brimming with fun and humour
on top , in half an hour.

The journey I enjoyed 
my body , mind and spirit buoyed

The atmosphere atop was divine
surrounded by Gods nine

Grandma is right 
its good for the heart.


The younger generation  prefers to take the elevator while our grandparents took the flight of stairs which kept them hale and healthy. Climbing the long stairs they made friends and with fun and laughter did not realize the hard climb. There is no short-cut to happiness and success. Life's journey is akin to taking the steps , each at a time , if you miss you will trip and come rolling down.

For : poetryjam