Wednesday, 21 August 2013


As every year, I posted the rakhi late to my brother. He stay in another city, in another state. But the physical boundaries melt away and distance is no barrier and with the touch of a button he is close to me. To make amends for the late posting, I dialled his number and he picked it on the third ring and said he had picked up his cell-phone to call me. Telepathy. This is the relationship that I share with my brother.

He is not a chatterbox like me and in school the teachers would make it a point to point out the vast differences between us. I was bold and brash while he was shy and timid. How I hated the teachers as they compared the chalk with the cheese. I would question myself : Is it necessary for a bro-sis to be same as peas in a pod.?

Inspite of our 'differences', a bond ties us, unites us and that is love.A we grow up and have our own families the ties get stronger as I got a shoulder to cry or lean upon when I couldn't share a thing or two , however trivial, with my parents or partner.Even though my bro was years younger to me, he was always the protective big brother and I enjoyed it.

My son is a single child and many times I lament the fact that he would not have anyone to share the little things that I have the fortune of sharing with my bro even though he does have many cousins.

=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!= HAPPY RAKSHABANDHAN DEAR BRO.=!=!=!=!=!= 

I do believe in 'punar-janam' (re-incarnation) and want you as my bro.

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