Monday, 26 August 2013

Wanted Justice.

In an open letter , the mother of rape survivor pleaded the well-wishers,supporters and the media for privacy and relief to pick up the pieces of their life on the road to recovery and restoration. The mother requests for breathing space to regain their sanity and composure, which they had lost in the in the process.She further thanked for the show of strength for standing behind them and also the hospital staff, the state admin, CM's office and Police Department for their prompt action and support.

The culprits are caught, identified and booked. The ignited flaming torch in the minds of the public and media alike , should not die down and not be relegated to a small para on the fifth or sixth page of the newspaper but should be fanned to keep it alive whenever the winds of time and fragile public memory seem to lessen its intensity. The perpetrators of the crime should be punished and all loopholes in the law should be sealed tight and no room for leniency should be allowed. The punishment meted out should be so severe that no sick-minded person dare even to think of committing it. But in doing this, the needs and the emotional quotient of the affected survivor should also be taken into account and moral support should be provided. The accusing finger pointing should be brought down and that she had invited this danger upon herself by venturing into a secluded place should be not be replayed by the culture vultures.

Why is it that these sickening crimes are committed at regular intervals? No sooner has the dusted settled on one crime that another one is committed in another part of the country. Only the names of the survivor and criminals change , the crime graph rises. Isn't it time that we push for a death penalty as a punishment?   

India is a vast country and protection in every nook and corner and round the clock is not possible and feasible.  Gender sensitivity and respect as equal has to take from the grassroot level. But this is a long term solution. Harsh punishment to the culprits is the short term solution. Let us collectively take this responsibility upon us to see that justice is not delayed nor denied.