Saturday, 31 August 2013

teenager and mobile phone


Write an interesting and witty conversation between a teenager and his/her mobile phone.

Trigonometry is tough  and boring too, thought Jill as she turned the pages. Surely Jack must have finished this chapter , rued Jill. She pressed J to dial . It was switched off. Must be asleep , she concluded.
Frustrated , she casually tossed the mobile on her bed.

Oooouucchhhh ...........       Startled Jill looked  around, scared, trying to decipher the source of the sound . With no one for company , in her study room , she thought she is having bouts of hallucinations . But she trusted her memory and to confirm it, she picked up the mobile and once again tossed in on her bed.

 Oooouucchhhh. It hurts. said a voice. This time she was sure of hearing an unknown voice in her lonely room but could not bring to believe her ears. Is it one of the personalities that was after her, from a recent encounter on the Ouija board?. Suddenly the stillness of the night created a storm in her mind. Grabbing a pillow, "Wwwho is it?", the words barely tumbled out of her lips.

"It's meeeeeeeee , your mobile phone"

" I have a body and a spirit too" continued the voice.

"You can ttalk???" , said scared Jill.

"If you can talk incessant nonsense , why can't I talk sense, Jill?"

"You know my name" surprised Jill.

"I know the name of your boyfriend , your friends are and the messages you send and receive. Your whole life history is stored in my brain. No secrets hidden from me.No kidding , Jill". teasing ly said the spirit.

"What do you want mobile-phone spirit?"

"Rest, Jill. My body needs rest. Either you are talking, clutching my body tightly close to your ears that I can see the wax in your ear (unhygienic girl), or sending stupid messages to your friends, your long painted nails dig into my flesh, poking me , the music blaring is not music to my ears or clicking photos. I work night-shifts too. Don't I have any rights?."

"Rights?" , astonished Jill.

"Yes rights, I perform my duties faithfully, sincerely and round the clock that I rightly deserve rights .  At night you are either pressing my buttons , playing music or sending SMS. When you are not fiddling with me you receive SMSs from your friends sending tremors all over my body. Henceforth from 11 in the night to 7 in the morning I want to enjoy my well-deserved and rightly earned sleep. I need sleep to rejuvenate, recuperate and re-charge my 'batteries ' and rise with a smile on my face. Didn't your doctor say that   a human being needs rests 7 hours a days? Well , my body too needs rest."

Jill is flabbergasted , flummoxed  and feeling helpless.

"When you humans misuse me , I too revolt and rebel. The radiations emitted from my body harm you and incidence of brain cancer are on the rise. The hearing ability of man has gone down and there are accidents when people cross roads while talking and mobile phones are blamed for. You humans are blessed with brilliant brains to take decisions. What's stopping you? Use me , but do not abuse me".

Jill was taken aback. The mobile phone spirit is right. Human body or a gadget
both are inter-dependent and have to respect each other.

She plugged her phone to re-charge it . She switched off her bedroom-lights.
She too needs to rest and sleep. Trigonometry can continue the next day.

"Good-night, mobile phone spirit" said Jill

"Good night, sweet girl" , beamed a voice.

Jill smiled.


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  1. This needs to be tweeted... its so well written Kalpana :)

  2. Oh! Thank God I don't carry a mobile. This is a lovely read to start the week.

  3. Oh! Thank God I don't carry a mobile. This is a lovely read to start the week.

  4. Interesting and enjoyable read. Well written and carries the message nicely.

  5. Nice post :) well written too !! keep it coming on..

  6. hi kalpana...can you pls help me out? where can I see the wow post winners for each week? thanks...


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