Saturday, 31 August 2013

7 things I learnt from life.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st-7th September 2013.

Seven things I learnt from life.

The interiors of a classroom teach a student, the 3 R's viz ;reading , writing and arithmetic. One becomes literate, armed with a degree to start earning to keep the wolf at bay. But life beyond the school/college gates are different from the one inside and in the school of life the student is a student for a life-time. During student life , one makes the world dance to their tunes while the exposure to the outside world makes one dance to life's tunes. What a stark contrast and harsh reality!
And no single person misses this opportunity experiencing this.

I too have woken from my reverie to be jolted to taste the bitter fruits of experience to better myself.

Truth does not (always) triumph.

I strongly felt that truth (always) emerges the winner but it is back-stabbed a thousand times
before it reveals its true self. A lie is gift-wrapped    
while truth is naked. Life is not a path of roses for the person who abides by truth. 

All characters in life are not black or white but grey.

Like a Hindi film, people in life ,I believed people are     either good or bad but with experience have stumbled upon reality that its human to have negative traits and either black or white do not exist.
If the grass is greener on the other side it means , the people there have watered it well.

The green ugly monster should not be allowed to raise it head. If a student has tasted success she has worked hard her way up. If a couple are happy in a marriage it shows they are constantly working ,shedding egos, balancing the gives and takes . There is no short-cut to hard-work.

The only thing constant is change.

Relationships, friends, hopes, aspirations, goals change with time and place. To accept this was a Himalayan task.  

One lives on hope.

However bleak is today, tomorrow should bring in better prospects. Cling to hope as an ant on a straw floating on fast swirling water. When one has a flicker of hope in the heart there is a way ahead to walk on.

To err is human but to repeat it, is stupidity.

Life does not come with a set of written manuals so its human to commit mistake. Mistakes are a proof of having tried things but failed or fell short of achieving the target but repeating the same mistakes time and again is knowing the pitfalls and yet blindly walking into it, is unpardonable. 

Live in the present.

The past has passed away and one cannot go there to  erase the mistakes. The future is unknown , unseen and unpredictable. So what is  known and within our control is present and is a gift. So live in the present and cherish every moment. 

There are many lessons I have learnt till date but accepting and implementing process is still work-in-progress. Do you agree with me , readers? How do you differ from me?

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