Monday, 23 September 2013

If only you were here

prompt is provided by Kajal Kapur of Rainbow Hues. The prompt:

If only you were here

The stars would have been brighter
The honey biscuits would taste sweeter
The flitting butterflies would look more colourful
you beti would have loved to be under your eyes, watchful
                                       If only you were here.

I wouldn't talk to my shadow
Our patch of green wouldn't be fallow
The world wouldn't dare
at your princess stare
                                     If only you were here.

I would be so care-free
Together we would nurture our tree
You would have been a proud father
to see the medals gather.
                                      If only you were here.

But you are not with us
But you alive in our hearts
we miss you a lot
                                     If only we could come over there.