Monday, 16 September 2013


Me wandered into the Garden of Eden
petals of all hues and apples laden

the green carpet under my feet
felt a cool wet sheet

Butterflies flitting and flirting
Me chased with happiness squirting

ran hither and thither
but the winged fantasy rose higher

Me gasping for air, waited
limbs tired with breath abated.

The coiled creature around the tree,  
beckoning with a sly smile , in glee

stood transfixed , hypnotized.
the angel in me realized

the demonic design
but the devil in me , whine

Tempted , tantalized to savour
the forbidden fruit flavour

A land of sunshine and rainbow
of sweet honey meadow

Promising me the land of nectar
stupid of me to fall prey to predator

I yielded to my downfall
No rainbow after the rainfall

Eternal dark grey gloomy weather
Till date hasn't got better.