Friday, 13 September 2013


“Shopping” is a word which everybody is crazy about, be it young or old. After all, all like the idea of shopping as going to huge air-conditioned supermarkets or malls wearing fashionable clothes and splurging money that attracts one’s attention.

          But has anyone ever wondered what shopping in 2030 would be like? “Future shopping” – everybody is fascinated by it. Well, I may help you to imagine about it. 

           Let’s start by imagining the present scenario. Would anyone like standing in serpentine queues for a long time just waiting to pay at the counter and to receive a long roll of paper which everybody is shocked to see. You’re right- it’s your bill! What would be the future world without long queues or frightening bills? Fine, let us take a tour of the future……………………

      You enter a shopping complex. Well, not really. You’re relaxing in your living room with a can of your favorite cold drink. The “shopping complex” is just an interactive website- which you are viewing on your 35-inch monitor of your tablet (powered with artificial intelligence). You name the commodity you want. Within a fraction of a second the full size picture of the commodity is displayed in front of you in 3D. You can rotate the commodity to form the whole picture of it in your mind. Well, no deception, the exact size of the commodity. Consider it to be a beautiful red dress. The software of the website has the facility you to capture your photo. Imagine your surprise when it even shows how beautiful you will look after adorning the dress. No hassles of wearing the dress in the trial room. You decide to buy it.

                                                                            Google Image


              You are promised by the eBay developer that you would receive the dress within 5 hours. If not delivered within the promised time, you needn't pay. The delivery package is brought to your door-step by a computer operated eBay robot which also has the facility of swiping credit-cards. You swipe the credit card and thank the robot which shows on the monitor, your bank account saying that the money has been deducted from the account. You log on to the website again and give the website developer a face-to-face feedback. Ultimately, you are happy with your purchase.


Imagine how useful this kind of shopping would be: without moving around the city in a car or be bored after standing in long queues. Let’s all hope that more advanced technology is developed in some corner of the globe and the whole world shares its benefits.

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