Friday, 13 September 2013

the bus journey

It's a WOW post!

This week your post should have five different colours acting as adjectives for five important words, around which your write-up revolves.

e.g. her blue eyes.

Waiting for the N.M.M.T. bus , I adjusted my navy blue tie and checked my watch for the fifth time. Hope I would not be late.

The blood red  monster , halted to a smooth stop and commuters hurriedly boarded the bus. 

The AC environs of the bus was a welcome relief from the sweltering May heat. Thank God for some small mercies.

I opened my appointment letter for the nth time. I have lost track of the numerous times that I have opened to read and re-read it that the page bears some imprints of my fingers. I could not believe my eyes that I was handpicked and selected to be the employee of a blue chip Company.

I would be reporting to Kiran Shenoy. Hope he is not like Dad's boss , the blood thirsty Dracula extracting each minute of papa's life.

The superstitious nature overtook me and I have not shared this pieces of news with my friends who are still making rounds of corporate offices. How lucky am I! 

I folded the appointment and kept it safely in my bag.The bus halted. A lone lady boarded the bus.My eyes widened . I was never interested in the opposite sex but this young lady took my breath away. Her aqua blue eyes made me dive in the Pacific ocean. Her coal black hair seems to the laborious effect of oiling. Her pure white shirt and light blue denim pants
complimented her light pink complexion. OMG ! I am noticing too much.

The bus conductor went to her. She said ,"Ek BKC (Bandra-Kurla Complex) dena". My heart missed a beat. She too was going in my direction.

The bus came to a halt and the bus-conductor announced , "Chalo, BKC, last stop".

Before I could recover from my reverie , she was already out of the bus , and I was tenth in the queue. I got down and to my astonishment she was nowhere in sight. I sighed. She must be my good-luck charm, thought I.

I waited at the reception . There was a picture of a rainbow . The seven colours of the rainbow , Violet , Indigo, Blue, Green , Yellow , Orange , and Red made me smile . The lobby was a riot of colours with a colourful bouquet of flowers. The receptionist ushered me to a cabin. 'KIRAN SHENOY' was boldly embossed in metal. I knocked on the door and nervously entered. 

"Welcome aboard, this is Kiran Shenoy , your Team Manager. Have a seat Vinayak Shetty." said she

She was none other than the lady in the bus. My face was drained off colour.


I have taken the liberty of adding two more colourful adjectives, without them the story would have been less colourful.

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  1. How sweet is this story! :)

    A colorful post!

  2. haha ! Cool
    expected the end but the narration was good !
    The splurge of colors of course was colorful
    hav fun

    1. Thanks you Afshan for the colourful comment.:)

  3. Waah....hum toh fida ho gaye...'Kiran Shenoy' is indeed pretty :)
    Loved your narration Kalpana!!

  4. WOW!...Colorful way of describing colors...BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. But he should be happy to have such a boss I thought? :D

    1. Yes He should be happy to have a boss , a lady of his dreams but what if she turns out like his papa's boss.


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