Wednesday, 2 October 2013

International Day for the Elderly


The International Day of Older Persons is observed on October 1 each year.

Safety & care of the elderly.
While most of us know and believe that our senior citizens are in their golden years, not many of us are able to take up the cause of their safety and care as an important mandate. 

We at SafetyKart are committed to your safety. 

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Weary and worn out bones
Deep sighs , moans and groans
Toothless  face and silver hair
Rocking the creaking chair.

Alone , as I sit
Youngsters , trim and fit
pass by , me , ignore
come to me , I 'm not a bore.

Chat not but flash a smile
Lift your hand , say a 'HI' from a mile
It will make my day
and my heart younger and gay

Like me , you too will be old
Leisure time , teeth gilded in gold
Will repent and regret
But will be too late to fret.

Let not history repeat itself
learn the lessons for oneself
May you not be in my shoes
Slow down the gallop of your hooves.

As I take my daily walk , I see a group of senior citizens aided by a cane 

stick , sitting on the cement bench and chatting. Their eyes are eager to open 

conversations with young people but the busy world refuses to take notice 

and passes by. The indifference of the youngsters wrinkles their heart and 

crumbles their soul. Stop , smile and  speak to them even if its for a fleeting 

moment and see the difference you have made in the autumn of their lives. 

Their blessings will add more meaning to your lives.

I do stop and say a 'namaste' to the senior citizens of my building. One of 

the aunties blessed my son and my day was made. 

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