Thursday, 10 October 2013

Life is a puzzle.

  My life's a mess
     pondered I,
scattered , confused
directionless , no map
How do I gather thyself?
   Where do I heed?

                  Strewn irregular pieces
                     across the floor
                        stared at me,
                     mocking teasing ,
                     injuring my pride,
                 beckoning to challenge,
                    in a brain's game.

                                   Defeated , I shall not be
                                  sat down and ruminating
                                         gathered the bits
                                  in my mental frame of mind.
                                      tackled one at a time
                                    formed a larger picture
                                           of a gay smiley.

The perfect picture
smiled and winked
spilling words of wisdom
a rippled mind creates a stir
A calm mind steers towards the goal.

Smile , if you haven't , a good facial exercise. Life is a puzzle until unsolved. Once the jig-saw 

pieces are arranged in order and a larger picture emerges making us feel that life's not so