Thursday, 24 October 2013



 Mirror Mirror on the wall                
a friend on call
The new hair cut
the winter embroidered coat
Thou reflected with sincere.


Mirror Mirror on the wall
Why do we always brawl?
the pimple , acne or a bad hair
Why do you reflect it so fair?
A white lie will make me feel bigger.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
look , I am so tall
on the run , just a glance
Heavy literature , no fun and dance
till  i finish University.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
who does in my heart dwell?
roses on my cheek
inhaling Cupid's aroma , eyes speak.
Life is a dream.

Mirror mirror on the wall

I am on the way to aisle , entrall
The kohl-ed eyes and jewels jingle
jasmine fragrance and blush mingle
Most happiest moment, I bask.


The umbilical cord was snapped apart
and you bonded with my heart.                                                            
with my unclear sight
I stared at the blue in your eyes, bright
reflecting back my tears,
I wiped them. Shrugged my fears.

Mirror Mirror, You can wait
while with my joy , I date  

Mirror Mirror on the wall
my salt and pepper crown , dual
I smile back with content
every fulfilled dreamt.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Thanks for the times all
Time is nearing with every breath
hold my finger , a new journey , dear death.

Mirror is a constant companion, a true friend from childhood to death , reflecting faithfully without fear and favour. Though  mute on the wall , it speaks voluminous truth , whether we like it or not.

Read this beautiful poem  Mirror by Slyvia Plath.

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