Monday, 25 November 2013


The circular prominent dot                 
adorning my forehead
is my identity.

The black beads

adorning my neck
is my identity.

The toe rings and bangles

adorning my body
are my identity.

who said so? You did .

I agree not.

The inanimate objects

are not my identity.

I am a human first

a lady next
with a heart beating
inside a body.

my thoughts are my ornaments

feel the rhythm of my heart beats
do not play with my feelings.

I  am not your conquest

that  you can me patent
I am bound to you
not by bondage
but by bonds of togetherness.

my soul belongs to me

try to win it over with love.
try to win me with love
and see Heaven on earth

See Heaven on earth

deep in my eyes
and you can see yourself.

Do not shackle me
walk along my side
you have a friend for life.

set me free , chain me not
I will be your helping hand

together we shall create 
a new world
our world.

P.S. : 25th Nov is celebrated as international day for elimination of violence against women.
Violence of any kind has no place in human civilization.Let us all join hands to eliminate violence , each day and every day.