Monday, 11 November 2013

My humble fridge.


When I opened the door of my refrigerator , to place the milk container , I found it packed , like the ladies compartment of the Mumbai local train at the peak hour. With the milk container in one hand , I bent down to try to push it, in a safe groove , but not an inch of free space was available. The advertisements shown on television and print media have space and place for everything under the sun.The distance between real and reel projection was widening. I wish to sue the fridge company but better sense prevailed and my PIL will  lie in the cold storage with the ice of time accumulating on it.


I wish the maverick advertisers acquaint the gullible buyers with the tricks of making the utmost use of inner space available.  'The consumer is the king' is falsely propagated while on the other hand 'caveat emptor ' (buyer beware)  is boldly written in invisible ink. What a paradox!

I enjoyed the cool draught of air rushing out of the confines of  my humble fridge. With the fall in temperature , my brain  reacted favourably and to cut a long story short , I managed to push the milk container and make some free space available by arranging , re-arranging and clever jugglery of piling some containers one above the other. I am satisfied , happy and content.

Let's get a bit philosophical . The room in our heart , too , occupies a lot of space. But we keep piling  emotions of irregular shapes and sizes and give it a cluttered look and feel. This is mirrored on our face , and no expensive creams and spa facials spread a glow on our cheeks.

 Let us arrange  and re-arrange our priorities , make time for periodic cleaning and cleansing of accumulated toxins to discard them  into waste bins. Some emotions/relationships come with an expiry date as a can of fruit juice. Throw them away ( the emotions/relationships and the can) without a second thought to de-toxify the body and mind. De-deodorize with the fragrance of love. Wipe the insides of the fridge ( and heart) with a guilt-free duster and stand back and admire the sparking effect. When you close the door of your fridge let the magnetic smiley sticker spread its magic. Let us practice this ritual on a daily basis.


Readers , is this so difficult to be implemented?