Saturday, 16 November 2013

So, you think you know it all

 The prompt (100 words) comes from Jairam Mohan who calls himself Mahabore – and is anything but! Check out Mahabore’s Mumblings:

So, you think you know it all

Eklavya sought the mentorship of Dronacharya in weaponry and martial

art. Drona rejected the boy due to his caste. But Ekalvya does not lose 

heart.When Dronacharya sees Ekalavya's proficiency in archery, he recognizes 

the boy and asks the name of his guru. Ekalavya tells him how he has made a 

clay statue of Dronacharya and practised archery by paying obeisance to the 

statue. Dronacharya says,'so, you think you know it all by practicing

before my statue. Now I demand my rightful gurudakshina'.Without a 

moment's hesitation ,Ekalavya severs off his right thumb and places it at the 

guru's feet as gurudakshina.


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