Monday, 9 December 2013



Books , books , books 
everywhere, alas time is short!
When I dissolve in the pages
time just flies away, know not where.

My love-affair with books started the day I wrote the first alphabet. There is no looking back .

I love to read books , books of all genres , except Hardy boys and Mills & Boons. The former , I felt were very boyish and the later very girlish. I loved mystery books and old classics.

I loved my Economics text book in college. No, I wasn't obsessed with the health or ill-health of our economy nor had I ever dreamt of following in the footsteps of Amartya Sen nor Keynes fascinated me. I loved the size of my Eco text-book for I could tuck my novel inside it and read , fooling my mother and giving her the impression of a studious girl.


During examination time ,  all books other than text-books were banned. Lord Keynes rescued me at this critical hour. I am greatly indebted to this economist for getting the quota of my daily fix.

I am a bookworm and can read in any position, sitting , standing , sleeping. I read at bus-stops, waiting for public transport, at airport ,  in hospital and dispensary.


A book with the right ingredients has the power to captivate, enthral and merge an individual with the characters of the books. The silent book becomes a companion for life. The characters of the book step out to step in your thoughts and reside permanently in your heart. The etched characters becomes real in an imaginary world and the imaginary world inches close to the real world. If you have not befriended a book , you know not the meaning of friendship, I would say.

The Amar Chitra Kathas in my childhood days with their illustrations and story made me visualize the action in 3-D frames. I felt I was one among the Gods who churned the Mount Mandara to extract the Ambrosia , the nectar of life.The stories in Chandamama and Champak were simple and thought-provoking.

Julius Ceaser , Mark Anthony , Portia , Hamlet , Robinson Crusoe , Beth , Meg and the Little Women walked out, at the turn of the pages to leave an everlasting imprint on my mind.

I consider myself fortunate to be born to parents who realized the importance of being literate and educated. Without you , mom and dad , I would have been poorer.

 Mahatma Gandhiji's ,'My experiments with Truth ' had a great impact on me. I was in awe of Daniel Defoe's Robinson_Crusoe , the protagonist who was a castaway on the island and met his Man Friday , for the adventurous streak.

In recent times, I have read Chetan Bhagat's novels ; 2 states, Revolution 2020 , 3 mistakes of my life, though they do not fall into the category which critics hail and rave about but nevertheless make light reading a wonderful journey.


The smell of the freshly printed books or the musty smell of the old books is a pleasure to the olfactory nerves that only a bibliophile can vouch for. I love to go to the book store , browse , read the blurb and then select the book. But due to the advancement of technology , I have succumbed to the lure of the magic and now am comfortable with downloads of e-books. Did anyone even visualize this scenario some decades ago?


If I am asked to pick 5 favourite books , it would be very difficult or impossible.


Readers do tell me your preferences........................

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