Tuesday, 17 December 2013

peace atop


The mountains wrapped in a stole
of snow , white , up the north pole.

calm and serene looked from afar
when peeped from a window ajar.

As a meditating Buddha , gaint
a whistling wind , blowing faint.

away from the vicious circle of bonds 
no masks adorned , true reflection in quiet ponds

no lies deceit or betrayal
pure , unadulterated  portrayal.

peace prevail on the pinnacle , 
no malaise ,  more miracle.

in search of greener pasture
I race up , closer to nature.

Rushing on the ascent
loosened the knots of blood , as I went.

the world below looked little
atop the skies, egos shattered brittle.

the beauty of the abode of Gods , divine
could not fill my twin vision

I embraced the serenity
breathing in purity

I sat down to meditate
disturbed thoughts penetrate.

An inner voice resonated
peace is in the mind.
as the musk-deer find
the fragrance of eternal tranquillity .

discarding the cloak
I returned to the warm soak
wrapped in the warm cocoon
its lonely at the top , chilled typhoon.

at peace with company around
and a new mantra found

this is my Karma 
and will follow my dharma.