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B for Bishnoi community of Rajasthan.


                              Members of the Bishnoi community

Bishnoi is a community in Rajasthan for whom conservation of wildlife has a 

religious belief. In 1731 , Amrita Bishnoi led a group of 363 persons who 

sacrificed their lives , (by hugging the trees while the King's men cut down 

the trees  and beheaded them ), for the protection of Khejri trees. This shows 

the determination of some people to work for the conversation of their 

natural environment.

In October , 1996 Nihal Chand Bishnoi sacrificed his life for protecting wild 

animals .

The word Bishnoi is derived from bis (twenty) and nai (nine) i.e. followers of 

29 principles who believe that harming the environment means harming 

mankind. The principles were not only tailored to conserve bio-diversity of the 

area but also ensured a healthy eco-friendly social life for the community.

to preserve bio-diversity and encourage good animal husbandry. These 

include a ban on killing animals and felling trees, and providing protection to 

all life forms. The community members use firewood that are devoid of small 

insects. The members of the community are also forbidden to wear blue cloth 

as the dye used for colouring is obtained by cutting shrubs. 

Khejri Tree

The areas where the Bishnois reside is a thriving place for the Chinkaras 

(Indian gazelle) and Chowsinghas ( 4 horn antelope) who graze in their

fields. Bishnois even protect wild animals and hunting of animals is strictly 


Bishnois even bury their dead (unlike most Hindu communities) to save on 

the felling of trees for cremation.

The Government of India has recently instituted an 'Amrita Devi Bishnoi 

National Award for Wildlife Conservation' in memory of her.

( Information courtesy Goggle and NCERT book)

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